Italy’s Indigenous Grapes

3pk "Collector Kit" (1 bottle each of)
2010 Clerico Barolo "Pajana"
2011 San Giusto, Chainti Riserva "Baroncole"
2007 Monte Faliesi Taurasi
3pk "Exploration Kit" (1 bottle each of)
2012 Clerico Nebbiolo
2012 Del Cerro Vino Nobile
2013 Montevetrano Aglianico "Core"

Vines thrive throughout Italy. From the Alps to southerly Mediterranean shores grape vines proliferate.  Well over 1,000 vine varieties grow in Italy, as conditions are nearly perfect for their growth.  Although expatriate grapes have thrived in Italy and have even taken a uniquely Italian character, its indigenous grapes are what define Italian Winemaking.  This Tasting is intended to highlight Italy’s unique indigenous varietals. It provides an opportunity for you to explore the differences between its most noble grapes in their ultimate forms, Sangiovese (in the form of Brunello), Nebbiolo (in the form of Barolo), and Aglianico  (in the form of Taurasi).  It is these grapes that make Italy unique in the world of wine, they are truly the spirit of Italian Wine.

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