Italy's Wines Sicily and Sardinia

3pk "Collector Kit" (1 bottle each of)
2016 Alberelli di Giodo, Etna Rosso (100% Nerello Mascalese)
2016 Argiolas, "Costasera" (100% Cannonau)
2017 Colosi, Nero d'Avola (100% Nero d'Avola)

Italy’s Islands (Sicily and Sardinia) are the hottest new frontier in Italian winemaking.  Until quite recently, there was really no history of quality winemaking on both, just small pockets of quality here and there.  Not for reasons of terroir, but rather reasons of politics.  But things have changed quickly, and dramatically.  There has been a huge surge in private investment, due to the inherent potential of these ancient and mysterious Islands.  Accordingly, there is unrivaled experimentation, winemakers not bound by tradition, but rather on innovation.


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