Welcome to Vino Italiano, a store dedicated solely to the exploration of Italian Wine and moreover Italian Culture. Our store is arranged in library format, organized by the wine producing regions of Italy. Vino Italiano is designed to evoke the warmth of the country which inspired it. Each of our wine selections contain in-depth notes discussing the particular attributes of the wine, such as grapes, appellations, producer and history/philosophy.

With it's over 1,000 different grapes, 325 appellations, and 2,700 producers, Italy provides a never ending supply of wines to explore. Vino Italiano is designed in order to provide the most in-depth selection of Italian wines and grapes in the Boston area. Our wine programs provide a direct opportunity to learn about the regional wines and grapes of Italy.

Our in-store selections change regularly in order to provide a constant source of new wines to explore. Along with our in-store selections we offer access on-line to hundreds of other Italian Wines. Our goal is to become your source for any Italian Wine you may be in search of. If we do not have a particular wine you desire we will check among our vast network of producers and importers and attempt to locate and acquire it for you. We are available by appointment for specific cellar consultations.