Our mission is to educate wine lovers about the wide range of grape varietals from Italy, inviting palates to appreciate the diversity of Italian wine through the enticing experience of food and wine pairing, and guiding them in the understanding of a heritage which is particular to the Italian peninsula.

It is our goal at Vino Italiano to provide a detailed look into the World of Italian Wine, and more broadly, Italian Culture. Italy's regions offer a lot to learn with their 2,700 producers, over 1,000 grape varieties, and 325 appellations. Italy is the biggest wine producing and exporting country in the world, with a never ending supply of grape varietals at its disposal, and a history dating pre Ancient Rome. From Nebbiolo in the North, to Sangiovese in the Center, and Aglianico and Nero d’Avola in the South, Italy’s diversity of raw material (i.e grape types) is unmatched.

Due to its magnitude of producers and diversity of grapes, we are afforded the ability to specialize. This specialization in turn allows us to provide our customers access to many unique wines not offered elsewhere. Further, our Specialization allows us to be much more significant to our Importers; gaining us (and inherently our customers) greater access to Italy’s most allocated and sought after wines.