Wine Tasting Kits

The Philosophy of our store is to provide interested individuals a detailed look into the world of Italian Wine.  Our Tasting Kits are designed to guide you through a particular aspect or region of Italian Wine so that you can learn by tasting!  They make an ideal gift to those who enjoy wine and moreover who enjoy learning.  Kits are offered in beginner form (i.e. “Exploration Kit”) and expert (i.e. “Collector’s Kit”) and include proprietary tasting notes, regional wine maps, and beautiful Vino Italiano wood boxes.  As with anything wine related they are better enjoyed in the company of others, so invite some friends over and start pulling your corks.  Below is a list of our most popular kits to choose from; however we are able to customize for individual preferences.


     6 Bottle Collector Kit $840
     6 Bottles Collector Kit $1,163.50

Grapes of Piedmont
     3 Bottle Exploration Kit $95

Understanding Brunello
     3 Bottle Collector Kit $238
     6 Bottle Collector Kit $588

The Killer B's
     3 Bottle Collector Kit $165

The Wines of Tuscany
     3 Bottle Exploration Kit $110

The Wines of Sicily
     3 Bottle Collector Kit $145

      3 Bottle Collector Kit $140
      3 Bottle Collector Kit $152

Italy’s Big Reds
     2 Bottle Collector Kit $125

Italy’s Iconic Wines
     2 Bottle Explorer Kit $74

Understanding Barolo
     3 Bottle Explorer Kit $220