Located in the far south-east corner of the peninsular with a coastline that stretches for over 800 kilometres along the Ionian and Adriatic Seas, Paglia is a hot dry region of extensive plains, few rivers and problems of drought which are only partially resolvable through irrigation. There is intensive planting in the main vineyard areas, which stretch from the Tavoliere across the lowlands of Lecce and Murge to Salento. Traditionally oriented more towards quantity rather than quality (the region produces around 12 million hectolitres a year of which only 2% qualifies as DOC)in the past ten years the region has seen a significant up-grading in co-operative winemaking and the arrival of young and enterprising new producers.

Naturally low yields have coincided with the introduction of international varieties and the resuscitation of quality local cultivars such as Negroamaro (the main grape of the celebrated Salice Salentino) Moscato di Trani and Primitivo (no other than California's Zinfandel) to raise the standard of the region's wines significantly.