Iconic Wines of Italy 2 Bottle and 6 Bottle Collector Cru Collector Box

6pk Box (1 bottle each of)

Collector Box of Iconic Red Wines of Italy:

2015 Roberto Voerzio, Barolo "Cerequio"

2018 Gaja, Barbaresco

2017 San Filippo, Brunello di Montalcino "Le Lucere"

2019 Ornellaia, "Ornellaia"

2019 Fontodi, Chianti Gran Selezione "Vigna del Sorbo"

2015 Tenuta Santa Maria, Amarone "Riserva"

$1,170.50 without wood Box

This tasting is designed for you to explore six of Italy’s greatest categories of wines; Amarone, Super-Tuscan, Barbaresco, Barolo, Brunello, andChianti.  It is intended to provide you examples of each type of wine which most epitomize the qualities typical of their respective categories.  You are encouraged to try them side by side so as to learn the differences between each so invite some friends over and start pulling some corks!!



2pk Box (1 bottle each of)

2019 Volpaia, Chianti Classico Riserva

2021 Zorzettig, Pinot Grigio

$60.00, woodbox NA

They are the wines that started it all, the two most highly recognizable Italian Wines of the past 50 years.  In this set you will get to taste two of the greatest producers renditions of Italy’s most Iconic wine catergories; Chianti and Pinot Grigio.  Both were the orginals that captured the world’s imagination and became constants on wine lists around the World.  The individual wines selected were chosen to show you some of the best representations of modern Chianti and modern Pinot Grigio available in market today.  This two bottle kit comes in our kraft gift box.

Wines Only Price: 
$60 two bottle box, $1,170.50/6-bottle Collector Box
With Vino Italiano Wood Box: 
NA for 2 bottle Box, and very limited quantities 6btl boxes, need to enquire

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