The Greatest Super-Tuscans

6pk Collector Kit (1 bottle each of)

2019 Bibi Graetz, "Testamatta"
2020 Antinori, Guado al Tasso Bolgheri Superiore
2019 Il Carnasciale, "Il Caberlot"
2020 Ornellaia, "Ornellaia"
2017 Il Molino di Grace, "Gratius"
2021 Tenuta Sette Ponti, "Oreno"

No other Category of Italian Wine has had such an impact as that of the Super-Tuscan. It is single handedly responsible for the “Renaissance” of Italian Wine. Specifically, the term arose as more and more Chianti producers opted out of their historical designation (“Chianti Classico”) in order to make a more modern/expressive wine. Many of them are of high quality and are normally expensive. They are typically Sangiovese (the main grape of Tuscany) with the addition of Cabernet Sauvignon, a French Import not allowed in the Chianti blend. However, a Super-Tuscan can be pretty much anything. It can take the form of a mono-varietal (e.g. Fontodi’s historic 100% Sangiovese “Flacianello” or Ornellaia’s epic 100% Merlot “Massetto”) or any blend of varietals (e.g. Antinori’s blends of Sangiovese and Cabernet “Tignanello” and “Solaia”). In the end, a Super Tuscan is the true expression of a winemaker, not bound to any rigid tradition. This is truly a unique (and highly collectible) set of wines designed to show you the range of possibilities in Super-Tuscans wines, through the eyes of some of Italy’s greatest wines.


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