Italy's Indigenous Grapes and Wines of the South

3pk "Collector Kit" (1 bottle each of)
2020 Quintodecimo, Aglianico "Terra d'Eclano" (100% Aglianico)- Campania
2018 Agricola Punica, "Barrua" (Carignano, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot Blend)- Sardinia
2019 Donnafugata, "Sul Vulcano" Etna Rosso (100% Nerello Mascalese)- Sicily

The producers of the South possess a profound connection to the culture of Southern Italy, and thus proudly make wines that do not fit the paradigms, the customs and the expectations of Italy's northern regions. These wines often are crafted from indigenous grapes that do not grow anywhere else in the world. The wines of Italy's South will surprise, amaze and, possibly, confound you. This class will allow you to taste some of the unique wines of these areas and to begin the journey into the mysterious world called the "Mezzogiorno."



3 Bottle "Collector Kit" (1 Bottle of Each)  

2021 GIodo, IGT Toscana (100% Sangiovese)

2022 Domenico Clerico, "Capisme-e" Langhe Nebbiolo (100% Nebbiolo)

2020 Quintodecimo, Aglianico "Terra d'Eclano" (100% Aglianico)


Italy is home to more than 1,000 grape varieties—hundreds of which are not grown anywhere else in the world.  But why??  The reason is two fold (1) its perfect positioning (i.e. hundreds of different unique climates) and (2) unique history of trade (for thousands of years it has been a stopping point for travelers, a melting pot of different cultures).  As such as visitors moved into Italy that not only brought new ideas but also grapes that they had cultivated in their native homes.  In turn, the climate was almost always hospitable to the new arrivals, providing the right conditions for their growth.  The result- a myriad of unique varietals and a never ending supply of grapes to try!  This tasting is intended to help you isolate the differences between Italy’s key indigenous Red Grapes in their ultimate forms; Sangiovese(in the form of Brunello), Nebbiolo(in the form of Barolo), and Aglianico(in the form of Taurasi).  It is these key indigenous grapes that differentiate Italy from all other wine growing regions of the world. 

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